Calculate the price of a taxi ride
Each driver can not set his own fare ! The price of a taxi ride is regulated by prefectural decree and calculated using very precise rules. The calculation of the amount of the taxi ride is based on the taximeter, an odometer that must equip the mandatory taxi vehicle. Several criteria are taken into account when calculating the price of a taxi ride. The cost of support (sum displayed when the meter is switched on). The price per kilometer traveled. Hourly rate. The type of the race (one way or round trip). The race schedule (specific rates for the races).
VSL - Light Weight Vehicle
Cases of 100% coverage.
Transport costs are covered 100% by the Health Insurance in the following cases: transport related to treatments or examinations for patients with long-term illness (ALD) who have a disability or deficiencies defined by the decree of 23 December 2006 transport related to treatments or examinations related to an accident at work or an occupational disease transportation of pregnant women from the 6th month of pregnancy up to 12 days after the date of delivery transport related to the hospitalization of a newborn under 30 days emergency transport in case of hospitalization during which is performed an expensive act transport between 2 establishments, or between the establishment and the home in case of home hospitalization, when a second consecutive hospitalization occurs and is directly related to a first hospitalization during which an expensive procedure was performed; transport when the condition of the patient hospitalized in a care facility requires its transfer to another facility for treatment better suited to its condition; the transport of persons coming under the Alsace-Moselle regime; transport of persons holding a disability pension, a military pension, an old-age pension substituted for a disability pension, an invalid widow's or widower's pension, an annuity for an accident work or an occupational disease with a disability rate greater than 66.66% the transport of persons benefiting from complementary CMU (CMU C) or from State medical aid and urgent care; transport related to the care or treatment of children and adolescents in centers for early medico-social action (CAMSP) and medical-psycho-educational centers (CMPP).
The medical franchise on transport.
A medical exemption applies to transport made by taxi, VSL and ambulance agreements. Its amount is € 2 per trip (1 return trip = 2 deductibles = € 4), with a daily ceiling of € 4 per day and per carrier for the same insured, and an annual ceiling of € 50 (all deductibles medical conditions). Note that the medical exemption does not apply to transport by private vehicle, public transport or emergency transport (call Samu center 15).
The regulation of taxis
The taxi 
The taxi vehicle is a vehicle with a maximum of nine seats, equipped with a taximeter and a light repeater. It is also equipped with an electronic payment terminal in working order and visible to the customer. It ensures the transport of people and their luggage, for a fee. To be exploited, the craftsman or the company must hold a parking permit issued by the Mayor of the commune of attachment. In Paris, the vehicle must include a sealed plate, visible from the outside, on the right side of the vehicle, mentioning the commune of attachment and the number of the authorization. In the province, the municipality of attachment and the authorization number must appear on the rear registration plate or any other device approved by the prefecture of the department of exercice.Our luminous sign must necessarily appear the word "TAXI" as well than the name of the commune of attachment. The driver must be able to present the Municipal Parking Authorization Order.
The taximeter 
Each taxi is equipped with a horokilometric counter called taximeter. This device must be visible to the front and rear passengers and indicate the amount due. The tariff position indicated on the meter is repeated by the light placed on the roof. The driver is obliged to start the taximeter when carrying customers, even if he is transporting seated patients.
The rates 
The tariffs are fixed each year by Prefectoral Order. Day rates: Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 19:00 rate A or C (white or blue light on the light). Nightly rates: from Monday to Saturday from 19:00 to 07:00 and on Sundays and public holidays from 0:00 to midnight rate B or D (orange or green light on the light). Rates are therefore changed each year during the periodic visit to the installer. A sticker mentioning a letter and a color makes it possible to attest to the update of the tariffs. If not, the taxi driver must clearly show that the taximeter is at the old fare.
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